To be frank, I’ve been hesitating to start this blog for so long. I find the concept of a blog somewhat irritating, I don’t read many and the ones that I do read usually focus on one theme in particular, so there is some relevancy whereas the others are either too personal to relate to, mundane, moralising (à la SJW) and also, ignorant. I hate voicing up about a subject because I usually doubt myself all the time and try to see things from the other perspective and then I get confused or worried that I might seem stupid or offend someone, so I might as well just shut up. I grew up in a household that valued political correctness so much that I became anxious and self-censoring.

That’s when I realised: “relax, it’s just a website on the internet any idiot can have one and this time, I can be that idiot”.


Artist rendition of me

Of course, by writing this, I assume someone might be reading this like my family and friends who I nag to visit the site and who write stuff like: “Nice blog, Brenda. Keep up the good work!” To be honest though, my name isn’t Brenda. And I probably won’t be telling my family and friends about this blog, because I might be complaining about them here. So, this is a secret, just between you and me.

Anyway, the point is, I’m not an expert or even knowledgeable about all the subjects I might potentially discuss. I gladly accept constructive criticism (i.e. not this: “that would sound better if you were sucking my dick while you said it.”), but I didn’t claim to be a reference on the subject. I want to assure a certain quality on this site and I’ll try to write my references if I have them. I’ll probably be writing a lot about sex (or rather, “sexological subjects”) as it is my favourite subject and I think people who are not obsessed with this are weird, but I appreciate their existence. It takes all kinds.

Thank you for your understanding. Oh boy, I realise how submissive I must sound, already before I getting started I’m begging for mercy.

Yours truly,

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