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I’m Afraid of American Progressives

Ah, America: a land of contrasts; a land which leaves no one indifferent.


Wow! What an image! I feel oddly possessed by patriotism… “1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN!” Whoa whoa! I don’t know what got into me there.

I’ve met my fair share of Americans back in my day and my experiences with them have been overwhelmingly positive. They tend to be polite and upbeat. Like most of us, I am an avid consumer of American culture and am especially fond of their comedy and reality TV series. I do not believe that Americans are any trashier than any other nation, simply that they have less qualms about monetizing it through guilty pleasures such as The Jerry Springer Show, The Maury Show (I have actually danced with Maury) and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I even have a fondness for WWE wrestling and I love the idea of burly men (and women) acting out ridiculous scenarios and then mock-fighting.


Rusev is actually Bulgarian, but was wrestling on behalf of Russia, but then all of a sudden, his character came out of the closet as a Bulgarian, but I never quite understood how that transition occurred story-wise. If you know, please enlighten me in the comments.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I want to say something about a particular brand of Americans: progressives. You literally “trigger” me.

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Hipsters, Hippies, Homesteading Quiverfull and Ethnonationalist Neo-Pagans: Same same, but different

Subcultures come and go. They are influenced by the ones that preceeded them as well as being a reflection of the current Zeitgeist in society. I have noticed a few current subcultures, despite being on opposite ends of the, in my opinion, useless and out-dated left-right political spectrum are actually quite similar. These are hipsters, hippies, quiverfull and ethnonationalists neo-Pagan types. Before proceeding with a more in depth analysis, here is a chart that provides an overview of their commonalities. By the way, if there is simply an X in the box, this means “yes”, but that I didn’t see a need to add extra details.

Hipsters Hippies Homesteading quiverfull Ethnonationalist neo-Pagans
Organic food X X X X
Veganism or vegetarianism X X They have no qualms about eating animals, especially since in the Bible animals are seen as put on Earth to serve man (if I remember correctly what I learnt in Sunday school). It depends. My gut feeling tells me they probably eat meat, but in a respectful manner and maybe like free-range animals.
Living out on the land, usually homesteaders. Yes and no, most life in urban areas and probably have an idyllic view of the countryside. X X X
Skeptical towards science (ex. Anti-vaccination) Yes, especially if it makes them seem morally superior. Hipsters aren’t “mainstream” anymore, but I believe many former hipsters probably adhere to gender theory. Yes, they are very skeptical of anything unnatural and that disrupts the natural order. This in itself isn’t necessarily unscientific – scientists also care about the environment, but can get into weird territory like spurning western medicine. Yes, especially if science goes against something mentioned in the Bible. They may seek medical help, but believe the pill to cause abortions or that scientists do not respect what is sacred. Yes, but in my understanding, they are mostly critical of science in the sense that they equate it with technology i.e. if it weren’t for science, we wouldn’t be fracking and destroying the environment.
Belief that there is a true authentic state of being as humans i.e. noble savage Yes; they long for a more authentic time, usually a return to a past where men did physical labour jobs and things were not mass-produced. Yes, these people are big fans of Rousseau’s concept of the noble savage and believe that society has corrupted us. Yes, for them, human’s natural state of being comes from Biblical times. Yes, but for them, they believe that humanity would be healthiest if people followed Pagan beliefs.
Into having a lot of babies It depends. I have heard of hipster families having a lot of kids and some having just one and hoping it’ll be LGBT because that would be so cool. Yes, if I am to trust Facebook, many headband-wearing hippy moms have countless photos of them breastfeeding their bountiful brood. Hell yeah! Even skipping out on sex during ovulation is seen as unnatural. It depends, but I believe they are mostly favourable to the idea.

Regardless of the subculture, all these buy into this idea that there is a natural way that humans should be living which is reflected in their diet and also their living conditions. There seems therefore to be this idea that modern life has lead us astray from what is good for humans and that we need to look to the past to find this more natural authentic way of being which can be summed up with the idea of the noble savage, i.e. humans who have not yet been corrupted by civilisation. To be fair, I think they are onto something here. In the West, we have high rates of complex disorders such as depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders and these are thought to be associated to our stressful lifestyle, disruption of our sleep and circadian rhythms, lack of physical activity, bad diet (not only due to the high fat content, but also diets that do not support gut flora which has been found to affect mental and physical health in surprising ways).

Now, it could easily be argued that suffering is a part of life, but most of us in the West have nothing to complain about by ancestral standards as we live in times of abundance. So, which conclusions have these subcultures come to? Is this “normal” suffering, or have we lost our way? What is the authentic way to live?


Source: Adam and Eve cast out of Paradise – after eating from the Tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. From Old Testament stories, published by Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London c.1880. (Photo by Culture Club/Getty Images)

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Listen To Your Heart… Or Don’t

A life-changing entheogenic experience in conjunction with a class on the relationship between cognition and emotion has led to an amazing realisation: emotions are meant to guide us. As a teenager, I considered robots to be superior due to their lack of emotions and still maintain little respect for those for whom feelz take precedence over realz. I was in good company too, since many of the great thinkers thought that emotions corrupt reason and how it’s best to make decisions while one is in a neutral state. Emotions also predate cognition in the sense that the brain structures that support emotions evolved before those for analytical thinking. Animals also have emotions, but they can’t think as well as we can, so this also contributes to the bad reputation that emotions can sometimes have. We humans like to think of ourselves as being above all this animalistic stuff, but we aren’t robots yet and if you ask me, ALWAYS be suspicious of anyone or any ideology that expects you to repress your animal side.


That being said, I want to stress that emotions are not outdated relics/behavioural fossils that simply we have to put up with. My goal with this article is to enlighten you with when and how emotions can help and hinder decision-making.
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Like a Snowflake in a Blizzard

There are some issues that are just so “after school special” that they are too lame to discuss, but if they are not discussed, we would be missing out on important information.

It is a sign of aging when you feel like reaching out to youngsters out there and telling them what you wish you knew when you were their age. This is often a futile pursuit, because sometimes the only way of learning something is by making mistakes – no matter how often you’ve been warned, you need to learn the hard way.  I must be getting on with the years, because I have recently been able to put my experience into words and want to spread the gospel: you are indeed a special unique snowflake… but in a snowstorm.

Spot the special one.

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Teenagers Are Sheeple Too!

Today, we will take a closer look a the world of teenagers and correct some of their fallacies.

Every few years, newspapers and magazines run a series of articles on teenagers in the hopes of educating parents and warning them about whatever new thing teenagers have cleverly/stupidly gotten themselves into this time. When I was a child, I revealed to a girl at daycare that I hated babies. She responded, “well, you were a baby, did you hate yourself back then?” to which I replied, “I was too stupid to hate myself back then.” As a teenager, I was smart enough to hate myself and my peers, and today as an adult, I can hate everyone. But, as I have gotten wiser with age, I have realised that I’ve had it wrong all along. Lameness it not age-specific; but people specific. Sure, certain stages of life might make one more obnoxious such as childhood and adolescence, but one doesn’t discover that until one has witnessed obnoxiousness expressed at multiple stages of life. Once lame, pretty much always lame. Our personality does change during the teen years, but it still remains relatively stable, it just becomes more polished.

Straight-talk with teens


Seriously, fuck yourselves teenagers. If you cannot, then masturbate. It’ll soothe your existential anxiety and make you less annoying.

During one’s teen years, many think that adults are sell-outs for working at that lame job, having all those responsibilities, not wanting to party, … . This is a like the archetypal teenage thought and I cannot blame people for having it, I have thought the same thing. The thing is, yes, some people get slower when they get older, but lame people are usually lame throughout all their lives and chances are that you’re lamer than you think you are. Unless you have more responsibilities, most teens have plenty of after-school hours to devote to their interests… and some people have cool interests and some people are lame. Look, if you like something passionately that is lame and superficial, you are that. If you like Twilight or Bieber, you’re like many others and who are these “many others”? Well, they’re sheeple. You’re a teen sheeple and a future adult sheeple. However, maybe the ones who think that people are sheeple, aren’t the ones who are the most mainstream in the first place so naturally, they would refer to the majority as sheeple. That could be true too. One can never be 100% sure and I am just writing an article here not conducting research, so this is just my untested theory so it’s worth what it’s worth.

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